This page shows the release notes of each version of ThinQ.AI. The versions released so far are three, ATOCHA, BENEDICTINS, and CHAMONIX – the latest.


CHAMONIX is the third official release of ThinQ.AI.

The major changes in CHAMONIX are the opening of Voice Agent to partners and starting of Open Innovation that combines the technologies of ThinQ.AI and those of partners.

To expand the chances of collaboration with partners, CHAMONIX provides a variety of sample codes and applications, so that external developers can experience AI services with ThinQ.AI.


Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Version name


Support OS/Platform

Linux, Android, webOS, CLIP

Release Date


New Features and Engines
  • Cloud API GW
  • Open Innovation Technology (OI)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Multi-device Wakeup Arbitration (MWA)
  • Speech Signal Processing (SSP)
  • Feedback Analysis System (FAS)
  • Embedded Deep Neural Network Toolkit (EDNN)
  • ThinQ.AI Reference HW: DQ1

CHAMONIX (Logo of ThinQ.AI version 3.0)



BENEDICTINS is the second official released of ThinQ.AI.

The major changes in BENEDICTINS are the expansion of OSs that the ThinQ.AI SDK supports and the addition of new engines and features.

BENEDICTINS focused on the improvement of quality, expanding the range of feature/non-feature tests and reinforcing the verification process to enhance stability.


Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Version name


Support OS

Linux, Android, webOS

Release Date


New Features and Engines
  • ThinQ.AI Voice Agent Server
  • Hybrid Trigger Word Detection
  • Driver State Monitoring
  • Age Gender Recognition
  • Multi-modal Biometrics
  • Sleep Detection

BENEDICTINS (Logo of ThinQ.AI version 2.0)


ATOCHA - ThinQ.AI 1.0

ATOCHA is the first official released of ThinQ.AI.

The major changes in ATOCHA are the integration of individual engines, and ATOCHA supported development of robots in 2017.

During the project period, the whole architecture of ThinQ.AI was designed and the agile methodology was applied, and the code level tests and automation were carried out.

In ATOCHA, the test range was considerably improved and quality automation was introduced, which were the parts of a continuous effort to provide a high-quality platform to business partners.


Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Version Name


Support OS


Release Date


New Features and Engines
  • Cloud Deep Learning Toolkit
  • Trigger Word Detection
  • Automatic Speech Recognition 
  • Text To Speech
  • Target Speech Enhancement 
  • Face Detection 
  • Face Recognition 
  • Hand Gesture

ATOCHA (Logo of ThinQ.AI version 1.0)