ThinQ.AI is a developer platform of ThinQ, a brand for products and services incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies of LG Electronics.

ThinQ.AI has been launched to offer a comprehensive set of AI technologies in the form of a platform, aiming to increase the efficiency of development and achieve extendibility.

A variety of engines for speech intelligence, vision intelligence, and biometrics are available on various OSs and IoT platforms.

You can experience AI services using the sample apps and APIs provided by ThinQ.AI, even if you have no detailed knowledge about the engines used.

Also, It applies to a wide range of devices, such as home appliances, mobile devices, robots, and cars.

ThinQ.AI will continuously enhance competitiveness by supporting more OSs, adding features, advancing AI engines, and expanding the range of applicable products.


ThinQ.AI Architecture


Key Features


Powerful Engines for Developers


ThinQ.AI provides a variety of services for developers to implement AI features in their applications. Find out what features ThinQ.AI offers.


Engine overview image of ThinQ.AI

OS and platform images supported by ThinQ.AI


Widely compatible with Various OSs and Platforms


ThinQ.AI works with Linux, Android, webOS, and CLIP!

It is widely compatible and highly flexible.