The following are the features and engine support status provided by ThinQ.AI.

Speech & Language

Hybrid Trigger Word Detection

Detects a specific trigger word in the user's voice input from the microphone and further checks the result on the server.


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Automatic Speech Recognition

Processes and converts the user's voice input from the microphone into text and delivers the result.


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Natural Language Processing

Converts unstructured natural language into structured language data that the machine can understand, and conveys the required information for the engine operation and the user's intention.


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Text to Speech

Converts text data into a speech and plays the generated PCM file.


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Speech Signal Processing

Removes the noise from the voice signal converted to digital. It also executes one- or two-channel preprocessing to process voice signals.


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Multi-device Wakeup Arbitration

If multiple devices recognize the same trigger word at the same time, this engine selects the best device for the user.


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Emotion Text to Speech

Converts text and emotional data into speech signals.


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Target Speech Enhancement

Removes the noise from the voice signals converted to digital signals. This engine is an essential function for the preprocessing to process voice signals of In-Vehicle Infotainment.


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Emotion Recognition

Recognizes the user's emotions through the input data (voice, image, and text) and returns the user's emotional state.


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Face Detection

Detects whether faces exist in an input image and returns the result.


Face Recognition

Detects faces from an input image and registers/removes the face to/from the album database.


Hand Gesture

Detects hands from an input image and returns the hand position and gesture.


Age Gender Recognition

Detects faces from an input image and returns the estimated values of age and gender.


Driver State Monitoring

Detects the facial area, including eyes from input data, calculates the landmarks of both eyes, and returns the state information of the driver's eyes.




Multi-Modal Biometrics

Allows combination of multiple authentication methods for robust security along with convenience.


Sleep Detection

Detects snoring and apnea during sleep and analyzes the patterns and phases of sleep.




Cloud Deep Learning Toolkit

This is a web-based program that allows developers to train AI engines using a dataset suitable for their own purpose.


Feedback Analysis System

This is a tool that allows developers to analyze user feedback on learned models.


Embedded Deep Neural Network

This is a Model Compression program that reduces the model size so that the trained model can run in the embedded environment.


Platform Development Kit

This is a development kit that automatically generates the necessary codes to make ThinQ.AI SDK development easier.



Open Innovation Technology

Open Innovation Technology

This is a service that combines the technologies of ThinQ.AI with those of partners. ThinQ.AI helps developers produce new products using OI technologies.


VisionLabs works with ThinQ.AI to provide face recognition and detection in images.



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Sensory is a company that develops technologies for speech recognition, trigger word recognition, natural language processing, face and voice biometrics, and computer vision.


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AI Chip

AI Chip: LG8111

LG8111 AI Chip supports artificial intelligence functions such as visual/voice/control intelligence. It is equipped with LG Neural Engine (LNE) which is an AI processor that mimics the neural network of the human brain.

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Support status

This is the specification of the ThinQ.AI SDK and Cloud API.

The hardware support and performance required for each engine varies by OS. Therefore, there may be a difference in engines and performance supported by OS.

The list will be continuously updated.
Function Engine SDK Cloud API
Linux Android webOS CLIP
 Speech & Language Hybrid Trigger Word Detection (HTWD)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Text to Speech (TTS)
Speech Signal Processing (SSP) X X
Target Speech Enhancement (TSE) X X X X
Multi-device Wakeup Arbitration (MWA) X
Emotion Text to Speech (ETTS) X X X X
Emotion Emotion Recognition (ER) X
Vision Face Detection (FD) X X
Face Recognition (FR) X X
Hand Gesture (HG) X X
Age Gender Recognition (AGR) X X
Driver State Monitoring (DSM) X X X X
Biometrics Multi-modal Biometrics (MMB) X X X
Sleep Detection (SD) X X X
OI Technology VisionLabs X X
Sensory X X X